Grace & Gaia

Hello Readers! To live life with a sense of awareness has been a main concern of mine ever since I was mature enough to grasp the extent of humans’ disconnect to other life and to their environment.

To further my journey to a more conscious, sustainable and healthy lifestyle, I have decided to adopt a state of mindfulness and to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n…

My name is Ingrid Gmeiner, a 24 year old South African candidate attorney, and the fingers-on-the-keyboard behind Grace & Gaia. I am a lawyer in the making with a strong belief in justice and fairness. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to do ‘good’ and be good and make a difference in the world (As clichéd as that may be, I’m sure many of you feel exactly the same!).



Grappling with my approach to a more conscious lifestyle, whilst honouring my love for fashion, art, technology, food and all things luxurious, I was reminded of another of my all-time favourite activities: writing. And so, I have decided to enter the colourful (though saturated) world of blogging!

Grace & Gaia is a blog dedicated to a sustainable and conscious lifestyle with a focus on the areas of ethical fashion, fashion technology, healthy food choices, natural skincare and spending time connecting with mother-nature.

The name?

The name ‘Grace & Gaia’ embraces all that is intended by the definitions of the words ‘grace’ and ‘Gaia’. ‘Grace’ is an indication to a lifestyle where one treats people, animals, material objects, life and our environment with respect and thoughtfulness – to live life with poise and courtesy. ‘Gaia’, on the other hand, stems from Greek Mythology and is the deity symbolising earth; Gaia is Mother Earth.

As I will be exploring the journey to an improved and more sustainable lifestyle, I will be educating myself (and hopefully the readers too) to become aware of and reflect on the choices we make, and how we can adopt the principles of conscious-consumerism. Through this conscious lifestyle initiative, we can start taking steps to make a lasting positive impact!

Ethical fashion and discussions on conscious lifestyles are on the rise globally, but South Africa has a far way to go before ethical and sustainable fashion can become a prominent lifestyle choice.  Through this blog I would like to be part of the transition to an accessible sustainable way of living in South Africa.

Dear Readers, if you are interested in taking this journey to a more sustainable, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle with me, please subscribe to my blog or contact me at:  !

xxx Grace & Gaia


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