Warwick Picnic in the Winelands

Stellenbosch is synonymous with mountains, grapevines and wine-tasting, but if you have not attended a picnic at one of the Winelands’s luxurious wine estates, you’ve been missing out!

My and Ryan’s anniversary fell on a Sunday in September this year, and due to our Stellenbosch roots (The place we met and fell in-love), I immediately knew that I wanted to surprise Ry by taking him for a picnic close to our beloved little town.

As you know, Google has made it so easy to find the perfect activity at the perfect location! So, Google search “picnics wine estate” and “picnics Stellenbosch” was my first step to ensure a perfect anniversary outing!

I stumbled upon a number of sites that list the “best” picnics in the Cape Winelands and provide brief explanations with contents of the picnic baskets and prices. Narrowing down my search was based on the picnic menu, whether picnic blankets were included, whether wine was included (what is a picnic without wine?!) and the price.

Initially, I attempted to book at another wine estate, but due to poor communication I was referred to Warwick Wine Estate. At that stage of my planning I was running out of time and without a second thought, phoned them and made my reservation for the Sunday.


Warwick Wine Estate is situated on the R44 about 13 kilometres from Stellenbosch and about 50 kilometres from Cape Town. From Cape Town it is super easy to navigate to: just hop onto the N1 and then take the exit and turn right onto the R44.

The estate is known for its gourmet picnics and have a number of different seating and lounging arrangements to choose from: the pods, which are wooden benches inside a beautiful cocoon hidden in the fairy-like gardens; the forest courtyard, providing a sophisticated picnic table on a gravel courtyard between the trees and then the classic picnic on the lawn with picnic blankets and bean-bag pillows.

I HAD to choose the classic picnic on the lawn! Picnics are made for finger-foods and grass-marks on your clothing!


As we made ourselves comfortable our drinks order was taken. Our picnic crate arrived with our bottle of dry rose and ice bucket.

The gourmet picnic was truly scrumptious and Ryan and I couldn’t stop eating! The menu at the time included:

  • Sichuan pepper crusted beef fillet with aioli.
  • Heirloom tomato, mange tout and butter bean salad.
  • Baby potato, red onion and fried caper salad tossed in a light whole grain mustard aioli.
  • Warwick’s famous biltong pâté.
  • Brussel sprout, artichoke heart ,tofu and crumbly gorgonzola salad.
  • A chunk of mature cheddar.
  • Trio jar of homemade sweet chili sauce, cream cheese and basil pesto.
  • Herbed stretched homemade bread.
  • Loved Ponies onion marmalade.
  • Homemade smoked butter.
  • Gluten-free Key Lime pie jar.


We enjoyed the sunshine, eating bite by bite, drinking the wine sip by sip in the company of each other in the most calming and luxurious of locations.


I will most certainly be going back for that beautifully cooked steak, biltong pate and smoked butter! And the wine!! Next time your feel like a trip to the winelands, do yourself a favour and check out Warwick. Did I mention that they have jungle gyms for the kids? Bring the whole family along!

xxx Grace & Gaia

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