44 Stanley

Yesterday, we went to check out 44 Stanley for the first time – another place I’ve wanted to go to since I’ve been back in Johannesburg.

The photos on 44 Stanley’s website look gorgeous, and the place is pretty close to our flat, so our Saturday adventure was decided!

We didn’t know what to expect, but as we arrived, we were met with music coming from the beer garden and a range of different restaurants in the most picturesque courtyard.



We walked through the sea of tables and people, and Ryan spotted the sign, “Salvation Cafe” – the eatery we saw on the 44 Stanley website that we wanted to try.

We found a beautiful little spot in the corner of the courtyard and started browsing their menu. The Villiera Down to Earth white wine immediately caught my attention! A Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon blend. I enjoy trying wine blends as they’re usually softly balanced and provide an interesting taste experience of the characteristics of the two grape varieties.

Ryan ordered a Jack Black craft beer (fantastic choice!), and for food: the Porkbelly burger. Yes folks, it was a thickly sliced, juicy piece of pork belly on a bun with a chunky slice of caramalised apple on top.


I ordered the Garden Wrap. It was crunchy, scrumptious and super healthy. They didn’t skim on the halloumi and avo either! However, I think Ryan’s meal was definitely meal-of-the-day!


After our satisfying lunch, we decided to venture to the beer garden for some music and a good old craft beer, of course.

We ordered a berry ale whilst listening to the alternative country music blasting from the stage. With my fedora hat and denim jacket, I was quite appropriately dressed! LOL.


What I loved the most about 44 Stanley is the range of people found socialising in every corner of this stunning place – From the very artsy and alternative to the very classy and stylish.

It has a modern industrial inspired look with big trees, concrete walls and double volume spaces. Around every nook is an interesting little shop: clothing stores selling proudly South African and African designed and made garments, vinyl record store, decor shops, bonsai trees and a luxury leather emporium.



Before 44 Stanley turned into an enchanting modern boutique shopping centre, it was home to Automobile Association (the AA). When the AA moved out, the buildings were abandoned and vandalised before being picked up by property developers who transformed the place by retaining most of the 1930s industrial architecture.

The vibe is enchanting, and I was most certainly inspired.

I will be returning with a group of friends to do some decor shopping (but more likely, so that we can take over the beer garden šŸ˜‰ )

xxx Grace&Gaia






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