Grace & Gaia is my creative space  and the documentation of my ever-evolving approach to living a more conscious life.

I am taking a journey to learn to question the choices I make about the products I consume and how I spend my free time. It is my belief that we cannot separate ourselves from the natural world and that we need to re-learn to respect our environment and ourselves. In doing so we need to take care of what we eat and drink, what we wear and how much time we spend outdoors. Through this blog I will be sharing sustainable solutions to living in a state of mind-body-soul health.

Grace & Gaia is a blog dedicated to a sustainable and conscious lifestyle with a focus on the areas of ethical fashion, fashion technology, healthy food choices, natural skincare and spending time connecting with mother-nature.

As I will be exploring the journey to an improved and more sustainable lifestyle, I will be educating myself (and hopefully the readers too) to become aware of and reflect on the choices we make, and on how we can adopt the principles of conscious-consumerism. Through this conscious lifestyle initiative, we can start taking steps to make a lasting positive impact!

Grace & Gaia xxx