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Heart Healer - Grief & Trauma

Heart Healer - Grief & Trauma

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Introducing our "Heart Healer Mala"! This compassionate pet treasure is crafted to bring solace amidst grief and trauma, offering a comforting embrace during tough times.

Rhodonite, the comforting confidant, works like a magical reset button for your pet's heart, balancing feelings with kindness and healing emotional marks. It's a whisper of support, making them feel stronger, more responsible, and deeply connected during challenging times.

Lava Rock, the steadfast shield, provides a sense of comfort and grounded love, particularly during challenging moments. Its powerful yet soothing vibes act as a steady hand amidst storms, offering security and positivity. Just like a warrior's support, Lava Rock encourages a sense of resilience and forward movement, no matter the obstacles life may present.

This Mala is your pet's very own Heart Healer, nurturing their spirit and urging them towards positive steps in their journey. 🐾💖

To measure the neck size accurately:

Place a soft tape measure around your pet's neck where the collar typically sits, allowing it to rest loosely.

Ensure there's enough space by sliding two fingers between the dog's neck and the measuring tape. This helps maintain a snug yet comfortable fit for the Mala.

Our collars are adjustable over 5 cm.

Available Sizes:

20-25 cm: 8-10 inches (XXS)

25-30 cm: 10-12 inches (XS)

30-35 cm: 12-14 inches (S)

35-40 cm: 14-16 inches (M)

40-45 cm: 16-18 inches (L)

45-50 cm: 18-20 inches (XL)

50-55 cm: 20-22 inches (XXL)

Bespoke: If you want a custom size or Mala, contact us at

It's important to always supervise your pet when they are wearing the Mala to ensure their safety and prevent any potential risks. Do not attach a leash to the Mala.

About us:

At Grace & Gaia, we believe in the power of love, connection, and positive energy. Our handmade pet Malas are more than just accessories; they are a heartfelt expression of devotion to the pets who fill our lives with boundless love.

Our commitment is to enhance the unique bond you share with your pets through purposeful, beautiful Malas, allowing them to experience the peace and love these special gifts bring, celebrating the affection they shower upon us daily.

All our pet Malas are hand-made in our workshop in London, England, to high standards, ensuring durability and strength. It's important to note that our Malas are made exclusively with natural gemstones, which might result in colour variations due to their natural state.

The interpretations and properties of the stones described come from the field of Lithotherapy and do not in any way replace medical treatment. For any medical problem, please consult your veterinarian.


At Grace & Gaia, each of our Malas is individually crafted upon receiving your order to ensure they're infused with intention and prayers for your specific pet. Every Mala is then charged with Reiki (energy healing) overnight before being dispatched. While we strive to process orders promptly, dispatch usually takes 2-3 days to ensure that your Mala is prepared with the utmost care and positive energy before it reaches your beloved pet's paws.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Loving the vibes

I'm amazed at how chic and energetic the mala is. Also received a lovely personalised card which made it extra special.

Pure Zen

It's a small investment for a significant impact on your pet's well-being. Highly recommend.